Bringing a New Outlook on Life

This is a picture of our rescue pup, Mocha. She was named Sunshine when we got her, but we thought Mocha fit her coloring. She is black with lots of brown underneath, so she glows in the sunlight. We think she is a black lab, beagle mix, thus the awesome personality and perfect size. In the picture with her is our 12 year old cocker, Nillie who has a renewed outlook on life since Mocha came into our lives. They are constant company for each other, Mocha has taught Nillie that running down the street is much more fun than walking. We call her nurse Mocha quite frequently as she tends to Nillie like one. When Nillie was recovering from surgery, Mocha was right there to help. She loves to snuggle with people, she loves to lick, she loves to curl up in bed with us and try to pretend she belongs there. She has brought so much joy to our lives in the year she has been with us. Mocha is quite an acrobat too. When it is time to go out for a walk, she jumps up with all four paws leaving the ground, waiting for her leash to be put on her. She is capable of getting at least 3 feet in the air! She loves to fetch a tennis ball and return it, as well as throwing it for herself. Her goal in life is to catch a squirrel, she is very entertained by them. She sits in our bay window and watches them jump from tree to tree for hours. I will always be greatful for cruising the web and finding Mocha.
Melinda P Wise
Severna Park, MD