Brinkley: Survivor and Savior

Brinkley sat on death row, twenty minutes from euthanasia, an owner turn-in because he howled. Golden Retriever Rescue scooped him from death's door and I met this sad, skinny, tick-invested boy who had no personality and had apparently never seen a ball or stood on the grass. He had nightmares for several nights and for months was terrified of fire, a rolled up newspaper and anyone who raised their hand above their waist. But slowly, he began to trust. A home-cooked diet, exercise, appropriate rules and tons of love gave him confidence in his place in our home. Brinkley, now age 12 is a survivor but also my savior. He goes everywhere with me, guards me while I garden, observes my every move, deciding where he needs to go next to watch over me. He has developed not only a protective attitude but a "clown" personality. It was submerged in a previous lonely life but has come to life again. He plays with his toys like a two-year old! After many dogs in my life, I am so glad I took a chance on this wreck of a dog who has turned out to be the best animal friend and guardian I have ever known.
Donna Forst
Petaluma, CA