My parents had a white poodle named Cotton many years ago. After he passed, they swore they would never have another dog. Well, they lived their lives after that - they traveled a lot and basically had a great time. Now, my dad has Parkinson's disease and is legally blind. My mother is his primary caregiver. After two years, I finally convinced her that it was time to have another dog in the house, more or less as a companion for both of them. I did my research, and finally found Bubbles, also a white poodle from Wilma's Orphans on Long Island. Bubbles was already 10 years old (but with the energy of a puppy)and we all agreed it was a good match. She has turned out to be the most wonderful dog - very well trained, extremely lovable and a pleasure to have around. She gives my mother unconditional love and sits next to my dad a good part of day keeping him company. It's the perfect match and now everyone is happy.
Long Beach, NY