Buddies for Buddy

We volunteer at our local animal shelter every Saturday. One particular Saturday I found a dirty little terrier mix sitting in between a pomeranian and a jack russell, and puppies in cages above him. He was the smelliest, dirtiest dog with matted, felt-like fur and spikey eyebrows. I took him out for his walk and he spent his time rolling in the grass. I could see he had some skin issues. I took him back to his cage when his time was up. A few moments later a lady brought him out and immediately sent him back when she seen how dirty and smelly he was. I knew this dog did not have a chance if he didn't get a bath and a grooming. He had already been there for two months. That week he was on my mind constantly. I went back the next Saturday and adopted him. He was due for euthanization the following Monday! We cleaned him up, took him to the groomer and the vet, and named him Buddy. He has been our Buddy ever since. He does have a skin condition we are working on, but we got the best dog when we chose him. Under all that mess was a wonderful, loving, beautiful dog. Buddy reminds me daily that under the mess, there is hope. The same thing a lot of people need to realize about other people. I do believe that dogs are angels with invisible wings.
Tammy Lyons
Springfield, GA