Buddy & Scramble

Buddy showed up in my area with no hair and he would run down the street pushing with his back legs and rubbing his body against the pavement. Everyone thought he had the mange and thought he should be put down. NOT ME!!! I took him to the vet and guess what, no mange just a severe case of fleas and ticks! He has turned out to be the best dog! He is very protective and watches out for me when we walk. Scramble (the black and white) who is supposed to be a Great Pyrenees, was rescued by me from a litter of nine that were about to be shot. She is 98 lbs at 11 months old, and the greatest lap dog ever. Yes, I said lap dog, she thinks she is a small dog and she sits in my lap whenever she feels like it! They get to ride to the river and run and swim at least 3 times a week. Thank god for these wonderful creatures in our lives.
Parsons, TN