Buddy the wonder dog

When we were living on a farm in MO, a dog showed up one day; scraggly, flea and tick ridden, rash-covered, half-starved. He came right up to me, tail wagging, sat down and gave me a paw. I was smitten. He was about a year old at the time, extremely friendly and wanted love and affection more than food. His coat was so rough that I couldn't imagine how anyone would want to pet him. And he was afraid of everything; loud noises, wind in trees, going in the car, you name it. We've had Buddy now for almost 5 years. He's friendly, happy, healthy, with a silky, shiny coat. Riding in the car is his favorite thing to do. He's the ambassador of our neighborhood, greeting everyone, letting all the children pet and walk him, comforting anyone who might be sad or in need of a friend. When anyone gets a new puppy, Buddy wants to play and teach it all kinds of doggy games. We can't imagine life without this wonderful dog. I encourage everyone to adopt a rescue dog.
Naomi Greenfield
Sunrise, FL