I did not adopt Buddy he adopted me. I found him on a rural road near my house. He was way to shy to come to me and he looked awful! I use that road everyday so I knew in my heart he would find me. The day after I said that he showed up in my front yard. I fed him and put vitamins, dewormer and antibiotics in the food. It took another month or so before I could pet him. Once he began to trust me I picked him up and brought him in the house. He would not cross the threshold in to the house on his own. The once skinny, sickly puppy began to look like the handsome dog he is today. I called him "Red" but one day some one called him Buddy for some reason he responded so that became his name from that day on. He looks to be a Mastiff/Chow mix. He is the one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known. I have rescued many dogs. He is one of the finest!
Kay Carter
Atlanta, GA