Buffy the Former Feral

I have always loved orange cats, especially fluffy ones. I had lost my two old fluffy orange boys in the span of one year. I still had an old tuxedo girl, but I knew I had to find me another orange kitty. I searched the rescue listings for several weeks, and finally saw Buffy, a beautiful fluffy orange girl, on the Oasis for Animals Petfinder listings. She had been trapped as a young feral on a farm, and most of the other cats were TNR, but this young girl was a matted mess and the rescuer didn’t have the heart to put her back out there. Buffy lived at the rescuers’ home for about a year, and had gotten to where they could pet her a little bit, especially at feeding time. I arranged to meet her, but was concerned that she seemed so timid. But she was so beautiful, and I thought I could be patient and let her settle in at her own pace. Little did I know just how freaked out she would be to move to a new home. Buffy lived under an overstuffed chair in my living room for almost a month, only coming out at night to use a litter box next to the chair and eat. I spent many hours laying on my belly with my arm under the chair trying to let her smell me and let her get used to me touching her. I gave her wet food under the chair to try to gain her trust. Eventually she appeared under the end table at the end of the sofa where she could observe the goings on, but escape back under her chair when needed. Gradually, I saw more and more of her and now 9 months later, she is the sweetest lap kitty!
Jeri Pagh
Anacortes, WA