Buns rescuer

Honey Bear had a best friend named buns. Buns was a huge white new zealand rabbit that lived in our backyard. Buns would escape under the backyard fence and run the neighborhood, Bear would go out and track him down for me to bring him home. They would play chase in the backyard everyday. Bear would chase buns until he stopped and would face her down, jump in the air and kick out his back feet at her, then turn and romp off with her in pursuit. One winter, we had 22 inches of snow in one night. When I went to look for buns the next morning he was no where to be found. I took Bear outback and told her to go find buns. She found him buried in the snow about a foot away from where he would go under the deck to spend the night, nearly frozen. Had Bear not found him, he surely would not have lived thru that ordeal. Bear loved her buns and she saved his life that day.
joannie drayer
harrisburg, PA