Buster's Rescue

Buster was in sorry shape when we found him. We asked the woman at the DC Animal Shelter for their hardest luck case and it was Buster. He had kennel cough, was in quarantine, and running out of time. When we went in to see him he looked like this extremely tall, skinny, exotic wild cat. He stood so high his legs, and I say legs because this cat really has legs more than paws, bowed in. His beautiful black and caramel swirl pattern just added to the effect. They let him out of the cage and he swaggered out, a la John Wayne, and just bowled his giant head into our hands, demanding to be petted. He was so sweet and pathetic, we had to take him home. We were going to change his name but as he developed into this well-fed, handsome and muscular cat, who still prowls around like he is John Wayne, we decided that the name Buster just fit.
Nicole Duran
Washington, DC