Butch, our Dachshund

We heard about Butch from the nice lady who works at our vets office. She was fostering Butch, a four year old dachshund, who had been abandoned by his former owner. Butch was feeling more than a little lost and needed a forever home and family. Our two year old dachshund, Duncan, was feeling a little lonely being home by himself while we were at work. Could we turn this situation into a win-win proposition for everyone? All it took was one look at Butch and we knew he belonged with us! He is an affectionate little soul who DEMANDS your attention and your love. And he is the perfect outgoing and adventurous big brother to our Duncan. Whether we adopted Butch or Butch adopted us, we can not even imagine our lives without Butch being here! He is a permanent member of our "pack" and we love him with all our hearts!
Marylou Mrvos
Pittsburgh, PA