Buttercup - A horses journey to recovery

Buttercup is one of the lucky ones. There are many stories like hers. A good citizen reported seeing her stealing dog food out of a garage and eating bird seed from a back yard. When she arrived at Equine Outreach a non profit horse rescue in Bend, Oregon she was 700Lbs under weight and tick infested. Because of her weakness sometime during the night she went down causing radial nerve damage in her left front leg. Volunteers got her to her feet and made a sling to support her weight. Area Vets came to her call giving her medical attention, acupuncture and support. With the love of the volunteers and their dedication to give her dignity she slowly has regained use of her leg. Within 6 weeks she's put on weight and is out of the sling. although not 100% she is well on her way to actually looking and moving the way a horse should. Someone had once loved her, and where that love turned we will never know. She will never be hungry again and will be loved by many at Equine Outreach. She's overcome abandonment, starvation, tick infestation, colic, choke and radial nerve damage. She's a fighter and we are so thankful to be a part of her life. This is her recovery video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgzEB-QkRvU
Deborah Sprague
Bend, OR