Over months, I suffered several strokes and mini-strokes, and when placed into our local hospital, they did not find them at the time and sent me home. Unable to sleep one morning, I was in our basement, so as not to wake anyone else by my restlessness. There, I suffered another stroke that put me down to the floor, and I couldn't move nor call out. Calico is my son's cat who he rescued from a tree behind his office. She up to that point, would have nothing to do with me, always shying away when I tried to pet her. This morning, quite the contrary, I believe she sensed something was wrong, and got right up into my face and would not leave me alone! She truly saved my life; she kept me going and cussing her out. I regained the ability to vocalize, because she would not leave me alone. I was on the floor in the basement for perhaps 45 minutes, it was about 3 am in the morning. No one knew I was in trouble, they were all upstairs sound asleep. All I had was Calico to keep me roused and conscious during this entire incident. After some time, I was finally able to stand again, I struggled and crawled on my hands and knees up the stairs to the main level, where my wife and son found me when they finally got up. My wife noticed that something was not right and called 911. I was taken back to the hospital which released me the day before and which this time, finally located and determined that I had indeed had a stroke, in fact several strokes. I am doing well now, and Calico and I are the best of friends.
Scott Wilson Sr.
Ashland, KY