Call of the Kiwi

A few months ago, my 9 year old tiger Apika hadn't come home for 3 days,which was nothing unusual. That night, my boyfriend and I heard a cat in distress on the parking lot behind our apartment building. We found an approximately 7 month old kitten who seemed lost and hungry. We felt terribly sorry, but couldn't take her in, in case Apika would come home. She was a very dominant cat, and wouldn't allow any other cats in her territory. So we fed the kitten and left a blanket out for the night. The next evening, Apika still hadn't come home. It was pouring rain and the kitten was back. This time, we decided to take her in and bring her to the local animal shelter the next day. I brought her to the shelter, but they were completely full and they asked me if I could take care of her for a few more days. As I was walking out of the shelter, my boyfriend called to announce me the sad news that he found out through facebook that Apika had been hit by a car a few days back (she wasn't chipped, a mistake I'm never going to repeat). I was devastated, but fortunately this beautiful tiger lady that we had already named Kiwi brought me/us some great comfort on one of the saddest days of my life. I brought Kiwi to the vet for a check up and vaccinations. Kiwi already had a spot in our hearts, but we didn't know if anyone was missing her. We called shelters, radio stations, and posted pictures on animal rescue facebook pages. No one claimed her and we were sure Kiwi would stay. Kiwi is terrified of the outdoors, so we decided to get her a friend and make them indoor cats. An elderly lady was giving away kittens, so we adopted Sky. They got along almost instantly and they are a source of great pleasure. (Captain Kiwi and Sky Pashmina on the left picture ; Kiwi on the right picture, on the night we took her in.)
Capellen, Luxembourg