Callie. Our Calico Siamese

We had lost our beautiful long haired Siamese, Cocoa to a heart attack. We had adopted her and Smokey, a blue point Siamese about two years earlier. We wanted to have another cat to keep Smokey company, so after a short period of time, my wife, my daughter and I went to our local Siamese rescue shelter to see what they might have. We found a beautiful Calico Siamese named "Precious." When my wife held her, she snuggled in her arms and gave the loudest purr. We brought her home and renamed her Callie. Callie immediately became my wife's cat. She followed her like a dog and whenever my wife sat down, Callie was in her lap. When my wife was at home, they were always together. After about 7 happy years, the unthinkable happened. We found a swelling on one of Callie's nipples. We took her to the vet who diagnosed it as cancer. An operation was performed and the vet said he thought he had gotten it all. But about a year later, it was back. This time in her lungs and the vet said there was nothing they could do. They could give some medication that would keep her alive for a month or two, but she could be in pain and find in hard to breath. We didn't want our little girl to suffer, so we had her put to sleep. When my wife took her to hand her to the vet, Callie put her head against my wife's forehead and purred for the last time. My wife was grief stricken and cried for days. I must admit my eyes were not dry either. Now we still have Smokey and he is having health problems and we pray that he will be with us for some years. I don't know if we have the courage right now to get another kitty. We had so many pets over the 62 years of our marriage and it has been a terrible loss each time.
Norman L Bernauer
Kansas City, MO