I was at a pet fair Bow Wow and Meows held once a year in Santa Clarita where several of the animal shelters bring their animals in the hope they will get adopted. I was there just to purchase a few things from the vendors and i saw Calvin...He was being paraded around with a harness coat (to hide his ribs hanging out) and a hat (to hide the scar tissue damage on his head) but he was the sweetest furbaby. Everyone was stopping to pet him but noone was adopting him. I waited til close to the end hoping he would get adopted as i had 2 dogs already and wasnt looking for a 3rd. Noone adopted him so i took him and what a blessing he has been. Both my 2 Girls passed away less than a year later and Calvin was my rock he kept my sanity and he is so well trained, by whomever owned him before. He has filled out and the scar tissue gives him character, eveyone has to stop and pet him wherever we go. Now i purchase alot of your purple paw rescue items to show a life was saved.
Santa Clarita, CA