Can I come home with you?

Please meet Molly. Miss Molly is a 10 year old Australian Cattle Dog or a Blue Heeler as we in Australia call them. Back in November she jumped into my sons car and looked like she was never going to leave. He took her to the vet who checked her out, said apart from being over weight she was a healthy dog with a few good years in her. Sadly it turned out that her owners had died and the people who took her in and now turned her out. Look at that face how could we ever say no. Molly has been with us ever since. She gets walks and she has all these people who love her. I think the person who let her out the gate in the hope that she would be picked up as a stray and destroyed should be banned from ever having animals again. It worries me that he has children. Animals a a life long commitment just as children are. Molly has lost some weight because she is properly cared for and she is such a beautiful soul and very much part of our family.
Canberra, Australia