can you believe she was abandoned?

She was! Our little Typsy was found in a field all alone. Someone with no soul dropped her there and left. No signs of her mama- just her and a small blanket. My wife met her when she was picking up our buddy Hemmingway from his surgical procedure, when a lady brought in this cute little girl in to have a checkup and see why she has difficulty walking. The lady told my wife how Typs was found and asked if my wife wanted to have her but with our Hems in a bad way we didn't think it would be a good idea. A few days later we lost our Hems after 18 wonderful years together. While we mourned him, we received a call from our vet's office that the little kitty was back, and that she was about to be put to sleep as no one wanted to take her because she has difficulty walking. We picked her up 5 minutes later. While we were told she had difficulty walking - so untrue. She couldn't walk at all. Our 1st night together she had a seizure that lasted well over a minute. We made an appointment the next morning with a specialty vet who works only with cats. It was determined she has cerebellar hypoplasia and probably wouldnt ever walk. For her seizure we had an MRI and spinal tap,blood work to rule out storage disease, and were given some diazapam should she have another seizure. Fast forward to today where little Typsy is now walking. We work with her daily to develop muscle memory and her record before tipping over is 12 steps! Her seizures are controlled with phenobarbital and keppra where she has one every 30 days or so and are very short in duration. She goes everywhere with us, and has inspired so many people to adopt a shelter pet and not to be afraid of adopting a special needs animal. Our little girl wont have to worry about using up her remaining 7 lives, she is safe, sound, and so loved.
jay and victoria
Seattle, WA