Carl the ferrell kitty:)

This is Carl, he was a Ferrell kitty that lived in the woods behind a McDonalds along with many others that I feed and water every morning for the last 3 years. All of them are very scared and won't get too close to me but Carl appeared one day and came a little closer than the others so I put my hand out and he touched his nose to my finger. I did notice the other Ferrell cats would take a swing at him when they were eating and would not let him in their house that I took for then to get out of the weather. Carl looked so lonely so after a couple of days, I was able to pet him. As the days went by he was becoming friendlier towards me. A few weeks ago I was able to pick him up, and I took him directly to my vet and had him neutered and declawed so he could become our newest house pet, now he has two other cats to play with that I adoped they were found in a trash dumpster at two weeks old. Carl also is loving to play with our two older yorkies. In conclusion Carl is one happy camper. I would like to encourage everyone to adopt a pet instead of buying from a pet shop which is mostly supplied by puppy mills. There are way too many animals euthanized every year. Get your pets neutered or spayed there are lots of agencies out there that are either free or with low cost services. I really enjoy going to this site daily and thoroughly enjoy all of the rescue stories. Best regards, Barb or (Snow White) as my family calls me
Barb Lawhon
Kansas City, MO