Cat Mandu and Bella

So, it was 9/11/2010, I asked my husband if we could go window shopping for a cat or dog. We went to the shelter and while my husband went to the dog area, I was looking at the cats. I had lost my long time love Mitzy a couple of years earlier and was ready to find a new love. Though there were quite a few cats, none of them spoke to me. Then all of a sudden there was a black and white kitten 6 months old that talked to me, so I sat in front of his cage, and he pulled my purse strap into his cage and started chewing on it. He purred and talked to me and when my husband came back disappointed in the dogs, he just looked at this kitten and me and laughed. We left without a cat, but in the car on the way home Todd told me I could go back and get that cat that had my purse strap. So I did, Todd named him Cat Mandu. As for Bella, a friend called us and she has a thick Filipino accent and asked Todd if he wanted a cup, that is what he THOUGHT she said. So we went to pick up this cup only to find out it was a pure white cat with one gold and one blue eye. Later we found out she is a Kow Manee. Cat and Bella don't always get along, but occasionally I can capture a shot of them together being peaceful. Neither cat had ever been outside, so taking them outside was funny as heck! watching them try to walk in grass or like the first year we had Cat, in the snow! They are our children and we are blessed to have them!
Dawn Walker
Goose Creek, SC