Cat Mom to the Rescue

I had a stray cat that had been coming around for about a month that I was feeding. When I went out to feed him one evening, he was nowhere around. I went down to the end of my yard and called for him (which he took to the name Ears right away), thinking he might be in the pasture hunting mice. I could hear him answer me, but it sounded further away. As I kept calling him, he would answer, but wasn't getting any closer. I grabbed a flashlight and decided to check the woods along the creek down the road. I had no idea what to expect. I kept calling Ears and he was answering so I could go in the direction where he was. At one time when I called, he didn't answer so I said "You have to answer me or I can't find you", to which he then meowed. I finally found him with his front right paw stuck in a muskrat trap in the creek. When I figured out how to open the trap, I then scruffed him and put him down the front of my hoodsweater to keep him warm, since it was chilly and he was wet. I also took the trap so no other animals would get caught. Luckily, he didn't lose his paw. It must ache him occasionally because he holds it up when standing. Needless to say, we had him neutered and got his shots and he now lives in the house with my other 3 cats. It seems like he is so humbled because of the rescue , that he is very loveable and always vying for attention. This all happened on November 6, 2004. He will soon be 6 years old.
Robin Wallace
Manheim, PA