Chance's Survival

hey all... im not sure if you read about my life or not , but if you did you will see i didn't start out real good... My first owner was abusive and left me and my friends to die, hes now in jail, a nice Deputy found me before it was too late and took me to Levy County Animal Shelter. Since they are a kill shelter it still didn't look too good but that changed. Tara from Safe Society came , looked me right in the eyes and said Chance im taking you and i promise i will find you a good home . and she did , well it found Mom, saw my story on the Petfinders web Site.. and cried , she said i got to her heart, She already had two dogs , "The Beagles" and 6 cats but called Levy County and they told her about Safe... my Mom and Tara talked and my Mom wanted me convincing Safe i was gonna be spoiled like "The Beagles" (and boy are they). Tara brought me to Lyns house, I met "The Beagles" Savanaha, and Nisha, Savanaha loves to play where Nisha, just does her own thing. I then saw the cats all 6 of them .Wow.. they all look alike.. but they too are very spoiled, My first couple of days i was nervous, but Mom,kept telling me it would be ok,, and kept giving me hugs, and kisses, Mom,never gets upset, at me. When "The Beagles" and i go out at night and do our thing, We all get puppy cookies, , Mom puts mine on the bar so Savanaha does't get them cause shes a thief . I love my new home, THANK YOU Safe for my family..... Life couldn't be better...
Lyn Pierce
Citrus Springs, FL