Chandler Anne

My daughter, Maggie, rescued Chandler Anne from the Lee County, Alabama Humane Society when Chan was only a few months old. As we were looking at all the puppies, Chan was the only puppy that was not jumping all over us. My husband suggested that Maggie pickup the little black dog sitting in the back corner. Maggie never let her out of her arms. Chan had found her forever home and her family. When Chan was only 6 months old, I was taking her for a walk around the block. She saw two little boys playing ball. She wanted to play with them and pulled the leash out of my hand. Just as she did, I saw a truck coming and tried to stop them. The driver was not looking where he was going! She was hit by the front tire but luckily, the back tires missed her. I franticly called my husband who had heard my screams and was already getting in our car to come find us. Chandler had surgery the following day at Auburn University's Vet School where a rod was placed in her leg due to all the bone damage. When we went to see her, Maggie very carefully picked her up. Chan put her head on Maggie's shoulder to cry and moan. We all cried with her, it was a very sad day. About 6 months later, the rod had to be taken out because it was started to come through her skin. After much, much pain and lots of money, Chandler Anne is now a fun, silly, 90 lb. baby girl who will be three years old in May. Chan and Maggie have fallen in love with Wes who adores them both! It is such a happy ending!
Auburn, AL