One day at a job site, one of the residents told my husband about a dog she had found. A beautiful golden haired little mail Pekingese. My husband fell in love with him and told her if she couldn't find the owners we would take him. Even with our other dogs! She called us after a few months of intense searching, to see if we still wanted him and my husband immediately brought him home. His regal behavior created his name and he immediately fell into the routine of the house! Charlie is such a sweet, laid back dog that even the other dogs can't get mad at him! Charlie can take a treat or bone right out of the mouths of the other 3 dogs, WHILE they are growling and showing teeth and walk away with it...leaving them to heave a sigh and go get another one. Our one rescue, Hattie, is deaf and she just loves Charlie..and Charlie is the only one that can take Hattie's bone without a fight! Charlie even got to be a model one time, doing a photo shoot with me as he sat beautifully on the deck bench during mass picture taking! What a pro and what a ham! Charlie is the biggest mooch too, following my husband around trying to beg some of his meal! And of course he is really hard to say no to! We are very lucky that Charlie came into our life. And I'm sure he agrees that he has lots of love in this family!
Seville, OH