OK one day I opened my door and this pathetic, sick looking orange tabby tried to come in. I had been seeing an orange cat but not close. He looked horrible! I already have a former rescue in the house Buddy, so I fed him on the porch and then proceeded to go through the neighborhood to see if anyone owned him. With some help I got a trap and set it up and caught an orange tabby BUT this cat looked OK ?? Well could not find this ones owner so vetted him and placed him at a local no-kill shelter. Paid over $400.00 for that cat and then 3 weeks later the "owners" go get him!!! Then a week later there was the sick one again!! I KNEW I caught the wrong one. Horrible condition! Very hard to handle, hissing all the time! Thankfully a wonderful woman brought him to a clinic to be fixed and checked. Well he is doing much better now and has won over all our hearts, so he is staying! Mo other rescue Buddy is being pretty accepting of him and Charlie is an absolute doll! Very affectionate now! Still needs some things (dental work) and he seems to have a problem with one of his legs. Vet thinks he was hit by a car and was out for a few years. The ears are OK now, no more worms, all the ticks removed, and a nice clean coat. I hope we have a lot more years with them!
Auburn, MA