I rescued Chatter in late May 2017. He came at night to eat ravenously. He was totally friendly, not neutered, and he meowed up a storm (obviously, the reason for his name). He wanted a home of his own SO badly. Between the night I got him in my large dog crate in my garage and the next morning, he escaped from the crate twice. No worry, he showed up the next morning in my garage, claiming it as his own and talking away. My plan was to bring him to the shelter for adoption, but I found him too interesting to let go. He wound up having a large abscess on his chest (from fighting) which broke open before I got him into the vet. He had two large puncture wounds that I had to hot pack for a couple of days. He healed up quickly. He reminded me of my beloved grey cat, Keds, that I lost to cancer last year -- in more ways than one. He turned out to be a lover boy, bad boy. Even though I kept him separated from my other kitties for several days, when I let him out, he kept attacking my big black kitty, BG. I had to watch him carefully for several weeks until his testosterone stopped flowing. He eventually calmed down and now just wants to be friends with BG -- which BG is not too fond of. Chatter meets me at my front door every time I come home, he follows me around the house and usually stays right with me, and he sleeps next to me in bed every night. Whoever turned Chatter out to the streets lost a really wonderful kitty. I'm just glad that he adopted me and that I am able to give him the loving, safe, home that he (and every other kitty out there) deserves. By the way, his chattering has definitely calmed down as well :)
Cheri Doolittle
Albany, NY