My mommy and daddy lived in a poodle puppy mill in Tennessee. When the owner had a heart attack and died, some nice people from Animal Control came and found us. Crates were stacked 5 to 6 feet high like chicken coops for the many dogs she bred for profit. The larger standard poodles were kept outside in several fenced areas and were all in varying degrees of neglect. It took awhile for Animal Control to gather all the unsocial, terrified and starving animals in nearly 100 degree heat. I do not know how long it had been since the owner died but I heard it was maybe a week. After all the dogs were collected from outside, Animal Control went inside the breeders' trailer home to look for more and found it deplorable, unairconditioned and unsuitable for animals. They found five more small poodles in the debris. It was just in time because my mommy was almost about to give birth to her babies. All together they rescued 35 purebred poodles of all sizes that day. Poodle Rescue of Houston sent two cargo vans and two drivers to get us and bring us to Texas. We were born on August 31, 2007. They put me and my brothers and sisters up for adoption and Ms. Pat saw my picture on the website. Now I get 500 kisses a day (minimum) and I have a new mommy, a forever home, and even a step-sister. I am a very lucky puppy. Cherie _____________________________________________________________ Actually, I am the lucky one. I named this little darling "Cherie" because it means, "cherished". She is a purebred small miniature poodle and the most loving little creature I have ever seen. Pat
Pat Hataway
Houston, TX