Cheyenne From the Fence, or How I Learned to Talk at Six Months

I never wanted to be a poster-dog for Don't-Ever-Give-a-Puppy-as-a-Gift-Awareness. The people that gave me to the human for her birthday didn't know that I'd end up tied to a six-foot fence with a six-foot rope, but that didn't make me feel any better when I was out there alone, battling coyotes for my food and trying not to step on my own poop. I was lonely and bored and wished I could go in the house. It's a good thing our neighbor spotted me and told her friend about me, because when I was six months old I got to go home with some new humans that actually wanted me and were prepared to take good care of me. The first day I was in my new home, I peed all over the backyard, jumped up on my new humans, and rolled around on the carpet...inside the house! I was so excited to be able to move around more than a few inches that I opened my mouth and said "I love you!" to these great new friends. They smiled and laughed and scratched under my collar, and so I've been saying it to them ever since. Funny, though. Whenever thay say they love me, it sounds like they're saying "Roo-roo-roooooooo!" Humans, huh? Go figure!
Elizabeth Montour
Colorado Springs, CO