Chloe and Alex

This is Chloe and Alexander. They are Siamese brother and sister. Their original human mommy was very sick and worried about what would happen to them when she died. I had known her from work, we were not friends by any means, but she told me about her worries. I guess she knew I loved cats and felt I would understand her fears. She was right. I told her I would keep them safe for her in my house. She passed away content, knowing they'd be loved. And loved they are! I have 9 cats and no one could be more closer to me than Chloe and Alex. They are with me continually. The other 7 that I've raised, well most of them, are from kittens. They are close to me, also, but nothing like Chloe & Alexander. They are 13 years old and I've had them for about 5 years now. Chloe likes to be carried around on my hip like a small child. I can't even go to the bathroom by myself anymore. Try doing ANYTHING in the bathroom holding a little nutsy cat. Alexander, on the other hand, likes to lay next to me when I'm sitting on my bed. And if I ignore him, he hits me with his paw till I take notice and hold him and kiss his head(he seems to be fond of this and keeps coming back for more). Even my other guys are crazy about them. They're the protection squad. They all sleep together on my bed and keep Chloe and Alexander all huddled between them. We treasure the day they came into our lives.
grace carrin
e. stroudsburg, PA