Chloe & Kirby - The Joy Cats!

Chloe and Kirby are our rescue kitties! Our beautiful Chloe was found in a dumpster in Sherman Oaks, Ca. - Kirby was from a shelter in Santa Monica. We just can't imagine our lives without our adorable little buddies - they bring so much happiness and joy into our lives. They truly rescued us! We had taken so many iphone videos of our cats that our friends started telling us "you need to share with the world." So we are doing just that - making music video parodies with our PAWESOME kitties. We have received so many nice messages letting us know how much fun people have had watching. We belong to a Facebook group - "Rainbow Bridge Cats" - where people who are grieving kitties go for support. We share all of Chloe & Kirby's antics on the page and have received dozens of messages letting us know that they've brought a smile and have helped with the grieving process. We are so proud of our little cuties and would love to share them with your audience! Here's their music video parody of Adele's "Hello" with purrrrfect new lyrics: Thanks for all you do Jackson! - Naomi Thorne
Naomi Thorne
Novato, CA