Christmas Miracle

In 2015, I lost my childhood dog to a collapsed trachea and i lost my mom to brain cancer. As they passed, I found my true happiness working with animals. Coming back from my college classes each day at the end of my second semester, I immediately went to work at a doggy daycare/boarding as well as volunteering at Animal Rescue League, until the summer ended and I was to go to Suffolk University. Since being at school, I was fortunate enough to volunteer another one of my rescue's branch in Boston. I could swear on my life that I was helping and walking dogs every other day- my happiness couldn't afford to miss one day. I tried talking to my grandparents about having my own dog again, how much happiness it would bring to my life. I was struggling with depression still. It was reasonable to say no in September- I had to prove that I would do good in school despite all thats happened earlier in the year. So every other day, I worked with these amazing rescues, hoping I could take one home with me. Then Murphy came along. He was a year old at the time, he had come from Tennessee. He was trained to some degree, but he was nervous as anything. I kind of did fall in love with him- great danes and labs are two of my favourite breeds and I'm blessed I got to rescue one a week before Christmas. Truly, Murphy is my Christmas miracle. He's my best friend, he goes everywhere with me: doing my errands, going to class with me, just being by my side 24/7. Though Murphy is in great condition minus the intestinal parasites he's had for only God knows how long, he is honestly the best thing to happen to me. I love my best friend.
Newton, MA