Chucky the Squirrel Lover

In January I went to SPCA shelter to ask about adopting a dog. I went into the kennel and all but one of the dogs were jumping and barking. Chucky was laying in his kennel shaking like a leaf. When the volunteer went to bring him out he pulled away from her and wouldn't let me pet him. I knew this little fellow would need a quite home and lots of attention. They told me he was 4 years old and probably raised in a crate with little socializing with people. He didn't like having a leash on him and they didn't know if he had any training. When we got home and I put his crate in the kitchen he went in there before I could get any padding in it. I had to drag him out to take him outside. He didn't bark for the first 2 weeks only an occassional whine. I would pick him up and sit on the couch holding him. After two days I turned around and he was sitting on the couch. That is now his place. I have hard wood floors but it only took him two tries before he knew he had to hit the area rug when he jumped down or he would slide right into the opposite wall. When he did bark he scared himself - looked around as if to say what was that? Now he is a happy playful dog. He loves to go for walks and watch the squirrels. I got him a squirrel toy from the Animal Rescue store and it is one of his favorites. Chuck is now the mascot of my condo complex and the joy of my home.
Bertha Haywood
Hudson, FL