Cinderella, from rags to riches

I moved into a fully furnished flat that the previous tenant had hurriedly left due to being chased by the police. Not long after I moved in, a fluffy white cat kept coming in every time I opened the door, running up the stairs and lodging itself under the bed that was included with the flat. I was worried about this as I had three rabbits in my flat also. After a couple of weeks of this, I managed to catch the little fiend and took it to the vets to see if it was microchipped. It my address and to the tenant who had left. It turned out that in his hurry to leave, he left his cat and there was no way of finding out where he was! I asked what the cat was called and I was told "Cinderella", which I thought was unusual. I realised that I couldn't turn my back on a cat who had already been abandoned once and had lived in my flat longer than I had, so I decided to take her in. I soon found out why she was called Cinderella, she liked to sleep in the old fireplace! It took weeks of hiding and hissing before she eventually accepted me as her new human. Now she loves to snuggle up on my lap for a cuddle. And the rabbits? THEY chase HER!
Huddersfield, United Kingdom