Cody & Annabelle

We adopted Cody from Adopt-a-Pet at our local Petsmart. He actually chose us, as we walked up to the cages he reached his paw out and placed it softly on my forehead as he meowed. He was a tiny little squirt and loved to tease our other cat, Annabelle (whom I took in after my brother found her wandering in an apartment complex). We often joke that Cody is a dog trapped in a cat's body, because he loves to be in our laps and even begs for food at the table. He will eat almost anything (if we let him) and is very loving. He even comes running when we call him to bed at night, and of course he lays right in the middle and tries to hog the bed. They both bring a lot of happiness to our lives!
Rebecca B
Houston, TX