Coming out of the Shadow

It all started with a new roommate and her cat Shadow. It wasnt long after they moved in that I realized Shadow was just a small ball of fear. There was no getting close to her let alone a pat or rub. Her owner assured me that was how she was and had been since she got her. Soon after I discovered her owner was using drugs and I asked her to leave.She asked if Shadow could stay until she got on her feet.I agreed,although I wondered how she would react being around the rest of my cats as she was never allowed outside of her room. It has been a rough ride for us all...Shadow scared and spending her time in my bathroom.Her first interaction with my pug was a game changer,she had never seen a dog in her life! He just sniffed her,she let him know dont come any closer,lol! One morning she wasnt in her usual spot in my bathroom and I started looking for her,my linen closet was open and there she was curled up on my towels.I reached in to pet her,expecting the usual snarl and paw swipe and to my amazement,she let me touch her! That was the beginning of her getting to know us and coming out of her shell of fear.She now roams the house freely and has been spotted playing with a few of my other cats.She even comes into my room looking for me,she hasnt got up on the bed to join us,but I have hope.I can only imagine what she has been through,but she is now in her furever home and I havent heard from her other owner,and thats a good thing!
Canton, OH