Cookie and Candy

Cookie and Candy came to me in the summer of 2005 from an old lady who was going into a Old Peoples home. She couldn't take them with and heart breakingly had to give them up. Cookie and Candy were going to the Dog shelter but her son asked me if I would be interested in having either of them since I was thinking of having a rescue dog. I said I would have Candy, the collie cross because she was 7, where as Cookie the Yorkie was 9. He asked me to take in Cookie until we could find somewhere for her.They arrived on 14th August (now their official birthday). Candy was lost and just stood wondering what was happening. Cookie was a sorry state. She needed a good haircut and had warts on her body. I took straight to the vet and he said get her cut and that the warts were just though old age. She had to have an operation to get some of the bad ones removed. A couple of weeks later I went on hols. Just to a friends caravan, and they were ok for the dogs to come with me. It's here that I fell in love with Cookie. She's such a little character. I knew then I couldn't part with her, neither split her and Candy up. If I had a couple of years with her then it would be worth it. Four years later we are all still together and thought its been a struggle sometimes (Cookie was diagnosed Diabetic in Sept 2007 and unfortunatly went blind) I wouldn't change my life for anything. They have put my life on track, given me unconditional love and many many funny moments. Thank You Cookie and Candy. I Love You.
Maxine Mozley
Sheffield, United Kingdom