This is my teenager, Copper. He's a terror and a lover. I rescued him last summer -- in June 2016. He was only about 6-months old. He came to my front steps one evening where I feed stray and feral kitties. He was ravenous for food. Poor baby. I started talking to him and found out that he was super friendly, slightly matted, and not neutered. That first night, I got Front Line flea treatment on him. He wanted a home so badly. He stayed right near the front of my house for a very long time, just crying. It about killed me, because my bedroom is right above where he was. Thank goodness, he came back the next night, and I took him in. My first thought was to get him to the shelter for adoption. I knew he would get adopted right away, after neutering, because he is so handsome and so friendly. However, I have a love for the orange kitties, as a few years ago I lost my one-and-only orange tiger kitty, Nike, to lymphoma at only 8-years old. So, instead of the shelter, I kept Copper, and he became a member of my family. He and my dog, Piper, play constantly. They are so much fun to watch. I still have a hard time believing that some cruel person turned my Copper out on the streets to try to survive.
Albany, NY