Corey Ander

Corey Ander came into my life soon after he had been sprung from his jail at a breeder's facility which was closed down by the state due to horrible conditions. The rescue people removed him from a small wire cage, one that he was only taken out when he was needed for breeding. He existed in that cage for the first 3 years of his life. He was scared and horribly matted. I had applied to adopt a bichon frise from the breed rescue and they asked if I would take an abused kid since I had some experience with rescue dogs in the past. Corey came into my life named Frosty. He would run away to a hiding place if any human came hear him. His name was changed to Corey (his grandma nicknamed him Corey Ander) because I didn't want him to have to have a name that reflected his horrible early life. And, he was not cold at all. He was a new guy at my house. It has taken 8 years, but Corey is almost a regular guy now. He runs and plays with his toys (something he had never seen before) and pushes his little sister around. If he gets scared, he sometimes goes into a special place in his mind. But if that happens, his mom (me) gives him belly rubs and he comes back to normalcy. He is THE watchdog in the family. Rescue kids are the best and Corey Ander is the best big guy in my house!
Bonnie J.
Philadelphia, PA