Cosmo found in the Trash Dumpster at 2 weeks old

I was at my Vet's office getting my two dogs their shots and was walking out the door when a Platte County, Missouri Sherriff walked in with two fur balls in her hand. Of course my curisoty got the best of me and said what do you have there and what are you going to do with them? She said someone called the police and reported there was some crying in their trash dumpster. That is how Cosmo and Kramer were found one was a grey tabby and the other a light buff tabby. I felt so bad for them I just said well let me take them home, so I bought a tiny bottle and formula for them fed them every two hours as they were only a couple of weeks old. They were obviously brothers. Cosmo the gray one is 22 lbs and Kramer tops out at 20 lbs. They recently have a new little brother Carl that totally plays with them, maybe they will loose a little weight. If you ever think about getting a cat or a puppy be sure to get two of them they will keep each other occupied and bite on each other rather than your hands and feet. Please adopt if you can, avoid the Pet Shops as most them buy from puppy mills and we certainly don't want to encourage that. Regards, Barb in Kansas City:)
Barb Lawhon
Kansas City, MO