Couldn't be more special.

We helped an aquaintence find and adopt an aging male Chow Chow from a Chow rescue home. We've had several Chows and constantly have to tell people they are just not for everybody. When we first met Bear, he was small for a 10-year old, and had a calm demeanor but never made eye contact. After a year in his new home, the owner couldn't keep him anymore, so we took him in with our 2-year old Chow. He had grown from too much snacking and too little exercise, and his hair was a matted mess, but he was now very personable and loved attention. He tucked me in every evening. During the two years before a stroke during one of his now twice-daily walks took him from us, he proved to be a spectacular companion. Chows will often accept only one or two people at a time, showing little trust for strangers, but Bear was open and happy with everyone including other dogs and even cats. Over time we discovered he had spent most of his life in a puppy mill in California. He is actually the second Chow we have had with an unpleasant history that turned out to be wonderful chowdren for us. We knew his time with us would be short, but he will never be forgotten.
Craig Toth
North Ogden, UT