Crazy Maysie

About three years ago, my coworker came to work and told me her mother had become ill and was forced to bring her three cats to the local shelter. Her mother was heart-broken and she feared her illness would escalate due to worrying about her pets. She was especially attached to a big, silly, striped tabby cat. Little did she know, she really had nothing to worry about. Unbeknownst to my coworker, we had just lost our striped tabby, Imogene, to kidney failure. She was my husband's girl and she was rarely seen anywhere other than his lap. I showed him a picture of her but didn't think he was ready for a replacement so soon. However, he caved and my coworker said she would drive down to pick up the cat at the shelter the following weekend when she visited her mom. Unfortunately, she was unable to go and I told my husband we would just have to wait. The very next day, my husband drove to the shelter himself, a six-hour round trip, and picked up our new kitty, whom we named Maysie. She is quite the character and loves attention and making a fool of herself. She is always front and center when we have company and is especially fond of people coming to work in the house. She's such a helper. And just like Imogene, my husband's lap has become her preferred cat bed. We frequently send pictures of her antics to my coworker's mom and it feels great knowing Maysie once again has a home.
Andrea Wheeler
Rockaway, NJ