DaiseyMae is a chewer!

Daisey was taken to a kill shelter by her owners because she chewed. She had chewed up a few of the kid's toys. Her previous owners paid to have her put down. She was a year old. I'd be willing to bet these are the same type of folks that rush right out and purchase another pet. I was working with a border collie rescue when Daisey came into my home. Daisey wouldn't come out from under the bed for three months! The only time we could get her to peek out was when my 5 year old grandson came over. She bonded with him right away. She must have missed her kids :( So, my dtr adopted Daisey. Daisey and my grandson are the best of friends. She doesn't leave his side. She's gotten a lot better with the rest of us. She now allows us to rub her belly . She has a wonderful home now and back with a kid. To date, Daisy has chewed 1 cell phone, 3 headsets,1 wiinter coat, 2 pair of tennis shoes, multiple toys. But she's loved and there's no way she's going anywhere. My grandson has learned to keep things picked up! Kelly O'Rourke
waterford, MI