Daisy, a special Cocker Spaniel

Daisy (a purebred Cocker Spaniel with a wonderful temperament) was rescued off the streets in Indiana where many homeless dogs live. Hope regularly brings food to the street dogs and spotted Daisy running on the streets and called to her and she jumped right in her car. Hope brought Daisy to Karen, a groomer, because she smelled very bad and when Karen started to groom Daisy, she noticed someone had tied rubberbands around her ears and the ears were filled with maggots. I was called because I rescue, transport and find homes for animals. They needed help with medical treatment for Daisy and I called my vet, Dr. Kim and Daisy was brought to Dr. Kim's immediately. Daisy had to be on antibiotics and all the maggots had to be removed before her ears could be removed. Dr. Kim donated most of her time for this surgery and only charged for the supplies. Daisy pulled through the surgery and was fostered by Karen during her recuperation period. Daisy found a wonderful home with Nancy, a nurse. Daisy's new mom knew Daisy was special and enrolled her in therapy training. Daisy is now a therapy dog and has a wonderful home with Nancy, her mom and her cocker sister.
Jean Lazzaro
Cedar Lake, IN