Dashing into our life

When I moved out of my parents’ house, my sister and I moved in together. I jumped at the opportunity to get a dog, that’s when I got Nala my Min Pin Mix rescue from the shelter. I can bring Nala to work with me, and I noticed that she was a lot happier when there was another dog around to keep her company for when I wasn’t there. I knew my sister wasn’t ok with having a second dog in the home, so I waited till I moved into another apartment. I had a much bigger place and a roommate who was ok with getting a second dog. I knew it was time to find a brother or sister for Nala. We looked and looked for the right rescue to add to the family. After a few meet and greets we decided that we wanted to take our time. One afternoon we went to a shelter to see a dog that had been recently posted. She had just arrived from Taiwan and from her bio she seemed like the perfect dog. When we got there she was still to scared to come out of her cage area but another dog who had just arrived with her decided he would come and see us. It’s then I felt a connection with him. We had already applied for the other dog but another family was already approved for her. It was just meant to be. We filled out an application, visited him a few more times and then got the call that they wanted to have a interview and a home visit so he and Nala could meet. He clearly made himself comfortable within the first few minutes of the visit, drinking, eating and sleeping. We were approved by the rescue and Dash. I brought Dash home a couple months back and he’s been great. He’s my shadow, my protector, my goof. Nala and Dash have bonded, they are constantly playing or stealing my sock or sleeping. We still have things to work on, but he’s my good boy.
Toronto, Canada