Deaf Cat

A scared,hungry and totally exhausted white cat was screaming frantically at my door a week before Easter 2007. When I opened the door, she came running inside and jumped up on the couch and made herself comfy curling up with my 2 chihuahuas. We later learned she is deaf and had already been declawed and spayed. After placing ads and putting up posters in the neighborhood no one claimed her. We tried to "give" her away, but no one wanted her. With her being declawed, we did not just want to let her roam around, so -- since then, she has become a major part of our family and we named her Luci. It's been 2 years now, and her antics never cease to amaze us and she keeps us laughing all the time. Although she is deaf, she understands our body language and some hand gestures and she loves the dogs and they love her. She is truly amazing living in a silent world with people who love her and learning hand gestures.

Debbie Linfield
Tomball, TX