Described as '...a little spitfire...' Oh, without a doubt!

In Oct. 2014 I had to have my cat-buddy euthanized. Long story, but I still catch myself thinking I'll see him just around the corner here. I've always loved cats, but this guy was special. When I'd return from a trip or something my wife would say "Thank heavens you're home!" I asked why, and she said "Because if YOUR cat doesn't get his 'snuggletime with Daddy' he's in a mood." Without him we still had three brothers who had been dumped in the side yard. They’re all cool cats, too, but my wife had issued the proclamation "THIS IS IT! No more cats." (meaning once these guys were gone I was on cat probation.) After back surgery late 2015 my limitations made it boring. Unexpectedly, I get a phone call from my wife who was off visiting relatives. She said there was a little black & white kitten. The owner tried to give it to my step-daughter and if she didn’t take him… Well, it just wouldn’t have been pleasant. So my wife called and asked "Do you want him?" I said "You know I do. He's pretty young, right? What's his attitude like?" Without missing a split second, her response was "He's a little spitfire!" Well, she brought the little guy home. He immediately started getting the 7 year old brothers we had much more exercise than usual – good point #1. He got along great with my wife – good point #2. He loved me – good point #3. I didn’t actually need any of the good points to decide, so he was a permanent resident. Alaska is a beautiful state, and Ketchikan is a beautiful city. It just made sense that this little Wildman be named in honor of the city to which my wife and I would love to move, and so he became ‘Ketch!’ It fits him perfectly. After his 2nd visit to the vet I had to call them for something. I gave my last name and the receptionist said “You mean Ketch?! We miss him already!”
Mike Kimmel
St. Louis, MO