A devastating storm ripped the roof off our house in 2010, and my husband and I had to move into a rental property until our home was repaired. The storm damage to our home was overwhelming!!!! With my husband doing much of the repair work himself, I was left alone for several hours each day. I was at home in the rental when my husband came in from working on our house and said, “Well, there is a new player in the game. There is a small kitten that looks just like Guido (our outside cat) following him around at the house.” I went to our house and put out some cat food, and when Guido came up to eat, so did this little fuzzy kitten. I reached down and picked it up. Apparently it was not impressed with this human!!! The kitten bit the index and middle fingers on my left hand while scratching my palm and inner arm! I was so shocked that I grabbed the kitten with my other hand, and it did the exact same thing to my right hand! I tossed the kitten down and then noticed that I was bleeding like crazy! After getting patched up and a tetanus shot, I was told that the kitten would have to be caught and tested for rabies, or quarantined for 14 days. I know how rabies tests are done and that was NOT going to happen! I went back home with my bandaged hands and arms, and I tore up a hot dog and tossed it into our pet carrier. Sure enough, the kitten went right in to eat the hot dog! After only four days of “quarantine”, the kitten had a total attitude adjustment and just wanted out and wanted love!!!! That is when Dewey moved into the rental house with us. He was great company, therapy, and amusement for me during that very difficult time. When we moved back into our home, Dewey moved in with us. He wasn’t really a “rescue cat”…he was the “rescuer” for me!!!!
Milan, MO