Dexter, our companion.

My siblings and I were sad because our cat’s kittens passed away a day after they were born. Few days later, my sister’s friend posted a lovely black kitten that he got for an anniversary he was not longer celebrating with his girlfriend. He was looking for someone to adopt him. We saw the advert for 3 days and constantly asked about the cat, I told her that if for the next Saturday the cat was still homeless, we could take him. However, as the mother of the friend considered black cats being unlucky, he was putting down the cat the next day. We took a risk as our parents did not want another cat, and brought him home. We were afraid that our old Nicky wouldn't want a new companion, as he always lived alone. However, Dexter brought new life to everyone’s life, even grumpy Nicky became a caring companion. He is 3 years old now and he's a sweet, loving, scared cat. We know he went through many sufferings in 3 adoptive homes before he found us, and his eye was swollen when he came home, but we have endeavoured to give him everything he needs to be happy. He also became adoptive dad for our latest rescue, Leeloo… and he has been with us during the lost of Nicky, supporting us through his, and our pain.
Diana Montes
San Luis Potosí, Mexico