Dexter's story

Dexter is a two year old Beagle that I rescued from a local shelter on November 1, 2008. You could tell that the people who had him before me didn't give him the love and care he deserved. He was under weight and starving for attention. He was given up because they couldn't give him the attention he wanted. Of the many dogs in the shelter that day who needed a forever home, Dexter stuck out the most. When I first saw him, he was huddled in the back of his pen with a cautious look on his face but a waging tail. I knew he was mine. I can't imagine not having him around! He's the sweetest dog and he's now my shadow; everywhere I go, he has to follow me. Who knows how many homes he's been tossed in and out of but I do know that he's found his forever home right here with me.
Jennifer Ruocco
Millville, NJ