Distemper Survivor

This is our little man Finn McCool, a giant in his own right! He was 1 of 3 surviving pups from a litter of 6 that developed Distemper while we were fostering the mother & puppies. We took him to 2 different vets who told us to "put him down" as there would be no way he would make it, but we knew it wasn't yet his time and until then, we would do whatever we could to help him survive. Well after searching and finding a homeopathic medicine for the seizures he had developed from the distemper, they stopped within 12 hrs. of the first dose but he started to develop serious muscle spasms that went from 1 front leg throughout his entire body - so bad that he could no longer walk at all and did not stop shaking until he was in full REM sleep. It's been 2 years and he now barely twitches at all, can run full speed and can catch a ball in the air! Something I'm sure those vets would have never thought possible...but we kept thinking positively and we have the smartest, most loving samoyed/shephard mix that we could have hoped for!!
Scott Cox
Lake Forest, CA